An Email Change
Is Coming!
We're moving from Gmail to SMTA EMAIL powered by Zimbra
Learn what's changing
Things Will Be Different
Learn What's Ahead!
Your Google Drive content
is going away.
Email settings need to be changed
on your desktop & mobile devices.
Your inbox will have a new look
(as pictured to the left).
Your email address and password
won't be changing!
Your emails, attachments, and
contacts will be migrated.
You can still access your email
You have stuff to do
And We Need Your Action!
why and when
Unfortunately, you'll need to manually migrate your pictures and files from Google Drive.
You will need to change the settings of whatever mail client you are using!
If your Android phone is tied to your SMTA Gmail address, it needs to change.
Why is SMTA switching from Gmail to SMTA EMAIL?
Google has recently decided to stop offering the partner version of its Gmail platform, which SMTA's email is currently based on. So SMTA set out to find
a new email platform. What we have ended up with is SMTA EMAIL based on the opensource mail system Zimbra. It offers a user friendly viewing
experience, fast access to emails and files, and the security our customers need and deserve.
When will SMTA EMAIL become live?
We are currently in the final testing and quality control stages, so the transition will be coming within a months time. During the wait, we highly recommend users begin moving their content from Google Drive to our new SMTA BRIEFCASE, or to your personal computer, otherwise the content will be lost. Google services will become unavailable May 11th, after which point your data will be unretrievable. Emails, contacts and attachments will automatically be migrated so you won’t have to worry about that. If you’d like to enter your email below, we will contact you with additional migration updates!
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Why is this change happening?
Google decided to stop offering the partner version of its Gmail platform.
When is the migration happening?
May 11th, though you can make any necessary settings changes, or archive your Google account data at any time.
How much storage will my new inbox have?
10GB of storage.
Are there any daily sending limits, similar to what Gmail had?
No, there are no limits.
What is the largest email message that I can send?
Maximum sending/receiving message size is ~100 megabytes, as opposed to Google’s 25 megabyte limit, however it is highly recommended that no message be sent larger than 1 or 2 megabytes to avoid creating problems with the recipient’s mailbox or reading the message on a limited capacity device such as a smartphone. Services such as Dropbox are much better suited for file transfers.
How is my email going to be filtered for spam without Google?
SMTA will be using the latest spam/phishing/virus scanning appliance offered by EdgeWave. You will receive daily digests with quarantined messages, and will be able to fully customize your spam filtering experience.
Will my email address change?
No, your current email address with SMTA will remain the same.
Will I lose any of my emails?
No, you won't lose any of your sent or recieved emails.
Will I lose any of my contacts?
No. All contact information in your SMTA/Gmail account will be transferred into your new Zimbra webmail contacts.
I don’t use an SMTA email address, do I need to do anything?
If you are not using your email address then these changes will not affect you. Make sure that you are not utilizing any Google services that are tied to your SMTA account, including YouTube, Picasa, Google Docs, Contacts or Email Forwarding.
I have a forward set up on my account, will this get migrated?
No. We are unable to pull forwarding data from the Google servers, so any forward currently in place will need to be re-created after the migration. This can be done from within the Zimbra web interface.
Will my Calendar invites migrate to Zimbra?
At this point, no.
I use Google Docs, Google+, etc. Will I still be able to access these documents?
Access to any Google service will cease after May 11, 2015. After this point, your content will be unrecoverable. We recommend using Google Takeout ( to archive and download your data to your computer immediately!
Choose your email client:
Incoming (IMAP)

Port: 993
SSL: Yes
Username: Your email address
Incoming (POP)

Port: 995
SSL: Yes
Username: Your email address
Outgoing (SMTP)

Port: 587
SSL: SSL or StartTLS Required
Authentication: Outgoing Authentication Enabled

1. Click the button above to go to Google Takeout.
2. Login, then click the blue “create an archive” button.
3. On the next page, select what you would like to archive. Please keep in mind that your mail, calendar and contacts are already being migrated.
4. Once you have put a checkmark next to the items you wish to backup, click the red “create archive” button near the top of the page.
5. Google will then make a downloadable archive that you can save to your desktop, and later upload to your SMTA Briefcase.
Do I need to change my default Android account?

This tutorial only applies to people who registered their Android device with their gmail address. If you did not register your phone with that account, then you have nothing to change on your device except the mail settings so you can receive SMTA emails on your phone